Writers around us!

P.G. Wodehouse has a beautiful way of writing that reaches into your mind, stirs it up with some salt and pepper, and tickles your funny bone. The addiction of reading, of being amused and above all, of being transported in your mind to the imaginary world of his stories, is awesome!

I have always tried to figure out how he does it; in plain simple English that too! There is just a style that flows, that edges your mind to enter that world of imagination. Sadly when i read many other writers, i’m perplexed by the complexity of words they weave – to impress people of their writing skills no doubt!
However, what really amuses me was the many blogs I’ve read primarily on rediffblogs. I shudder at times when I remember some of them. They were species perfect for a scientific journal or for dissecting on a bio lab table, but definitely not for entertaining or catching a readers’ attention. But again, knowing our education system and the desire to impress upon the reader, our writers weave a web that seems to get so entangled, i half wonder if they can finally decipher what they wanted to say in the first place:)  Suffice it to say, they should be awarded the Nobel Prize for evolving a new dimension of language complication! Nonetheless, it proves a point – and as i remember the movie 3 idiots – our ultimate desire is to be surrounded by complexities and challenges, instead of simpler ways of finding solutions! If things can be fixed easily – its not worth the challenge isnt it :))
I read “A night at the call Centre” by a very well known writer. I was disappointed. In fact his introduction caught more of my attention then the rest of the story.
On the other hand, I had the privilege to read a book called “Sepia Leaves” By Mr. Amandeep Sandhu. What quality and what finesse. What a flow of words! That book touched my heart and i not only could sense each part of what the author said, but at the same time, read in awe, the quality of his language and expression.  I look forward to more books by Mr. Sandhu, and i hope he will weave something different this time. Aman soon became a very good friend of mine and we live across the street – while i can never reach his quality of writing, i can definitely reach his place for sharing a beer and a laugh!
We might never find a P.G. yet again! However, thats my personal view and choice. Jeeves & Wooster – a pair that uplifts my soul at the most difficult hour! But we can definitely look forward to great reading from some fantastic writers. And if any of you reading this want to play with your pen (or in today’s world) the keyboard, please warn me in advance if you’re going to become a latin dictionary!
Have a great week ahead!

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